Frequently Asked Questions


What is massage therapy?

  • A systematic manipulation of soft tissues to relieve pain or maintain/rehabilitate/augment physical function.  Equine massage is a non-invasive approach that utilizes hands-on manual therapy.


How is massage used to help my horse?

  • Equine massage therapy can be a valuable part of your horse’s ongoing health maintenance plan. It can relieve muscular tension, help detect early signs of strain, and encourage overall suppleness of muscles.
  • For older horses or those with chronic musculoskeletal conditions, massage is beneficial in maintaining mobility and relieving discomfort.
  • With a whole body approach, massage can help address compensatory issues that may arise as a consequence of the primary injury.


What is the best thing for the horse after a bodywork session?

  • Allowing the horse to move around comfortably such as hand-walking, a relaxed ride on a loose rein, or turn-out.  If you have a choice, turn-out is best.  The idea is to let the horse’s body move and feel what’s been released.  If your horse needs to be ridden, give him as easy a ride as possible. If you start asking for work too soon, then the tension will return.


How often should my horse receive massage?

  • If a horse is competing or training hard, then two times a week maximum is a good guideline.  The horse should be given at least two or three days between sessions.
  • If the horse is not training hard yet has issues from past work you want to resolve, then massage should be performed a couple of times the first week, then once a week until we see improvement, then once a month.