IMPORTANT!  Massage is NOT a substitute for proper and competent veterinary care.  Massage does NOT diagnose conditions or treat injuries.  If your horse appears very distressed or lame, please contact your Veterinarian first.


First Visit

Includes an initial evaluation to learn more about your horse, the problem we need to fix, and give your horse the opportunity to get comfortable with me being around before beginning a massage session.

Example of information discussed includes:

  • Brief background and medical history.
  • What is difficult for the horse to do since the onset of the problem?
  • How long ago did you notice the problem start?

​Treatment Process

  • Visualization - look for abnormalities regarding tracking, body symmetry, etc.
  • Palpation - evaluate by touch to feel for tension, spasms, tender spots, or uneven muscle tone.
  • Massage - first massage is typically 60 to 75 minutes to provide thorough evaluation and application.  Subsequent full body massage is 45 to 60 minutes depending on the evaluated condition.
  • Stretching - simple stretches performed after massage improve muscle tone and elasticity of ligaments and joints.
  • Exercise - walking your horse for 10 minutes or turning out after massage is recommended to prevent post-massage stiffness.

NOTE:  Owners are advised to consult with their Veterinarian for approval of massage therapy for their horse.